Wednesday, 25 May 2011


That we as a race are so caught up in our own individual survival, never noticing the rush towards annihilation that we are in, the rat race, we, the human race are – incredible
Blind to the many ways in which Mother Nature, God, the Devil, all the same one thing that has found a billion ways to extinguish our fragile lives; our oblivion to our situation is just – incredible
If we would just take a moment to count the toll this year alone 100,000 in Burma, 71,000 in china, 50,000 in Darfur and millions more to die from the diseases that spring from the corpses of the counted, our continued pretence and removal from this reality is – incredible
How we feel, that there is an “us” and a “them,” and use this thin distinction to separate ourselves from the massive tide of suffering all around us, amongst us, within us – incredible
When we practice deafness for so long that we will never again hear the soft cries for help until they become a gigantic wall of sound manifested in open sores, broken bones, and bloated dead bodies in rivers of blood – incredible
Why, when the destruction of our lives and the promise of death are so acute, we dare to hope and to believe in a future greater than this for ourselves and our children – incredible
If in every 100 million there is just one seed of eternity planted with truth in the hearts and minds of our children just to move and inspire, perhaps even direct the flow of human energy away from survival and towards excellence, this would just be – incredible
That this person with the promise of the gods and the hopes of a demented race sitting within his very being manages to live past hunger, disaster, war and disease, manages then to rise to the position that would be a perch for him from which he can then through the excellence of his own life divert the flow of human history away from death and toward eternal life, this miraculous person would just be – incredible

Given the insurmountable odds of such a being existing in the first place and living to completion so as to become living excellence; given the unlikelihood of such a person meeting with the sort of life encounters that may guide his spirit towards such accomplishment, given the harsh nature of the environment in which he is to do his life’s work, putting all this together within the limited moment we call a lifetime it is incredible that YOU are here, just - INCREDIBLE

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  1. I wrote this in 2008...but it still rings true for me. Be blessed.