Saturday, 27 April 2013

How NOT To Govern A State

A struggling business recently underwent a strategic make over. First, the badly needed funds were pumped into the business so that structural investments were made. Then the recruitment of employees began; a head hunting exercise that saw a mass exodus into the firm. Then finally the grand launch of the new and improved business happened. Everything was going to be so good and so successful.

But the business owners made one fundamental mistake. When hiring the new employees they agreed to pay ridiculously high salaries based on yet to be created output! Needless to say, the wage bill was running in the millions, and yet none of the new employees had generated a single million. Soon it became clear: the employees were the core reason the business could not operate successfully because a handful of people were being paid the bulk of the companies dwindling resources. What should the C.E.O of that company do?

Its simple. He needs to slash their salaries and cap it firmly until the business gets back up and healthy. The CEO also needs to fire the unproductive people on his pay roll.
This is the same SIMPLE formula we need to apply to governing our country. Kenya is just like that business, failing, lagging behind, bottom feeding and barely developing as fast as Rwanda. Kenya, despite her potential has had the wrong sort of employees for too long. Whenever we go to an election we hire what we imagine to be the best representatives and leaders only for these employees to drain our resources in their salaries and allowances while they produce absolutely nothing that can help sustain their nation in terms of legislature or governing policy.

So what the president and CEO of Kenya needs to do is pass a law that dramatically slashes the salaries of these elected representatives and caps it finally in law and policy so that they can never adjust the law again to suit their own interests.
Its only because we had a lack of political will from the previous Presidency and executive arm of government that these legislators can even dream of passing new laws which will increase their salaries even BEFORE beginning their tenure! Only a thieving and robbing employee does such a thing, to reward himself before he has even begun to work, and such employees rightly should be sent packing.

I’d love to give these newly elected officials a chance. I’d love to let them show their leadership skills. But alas they have no such potential talent. It’s clear why they even ran for office, they had the intention of reaping nay RAPING our treasury.
It’s an evolution that has somehow become acceptable in Kenya. That one will run for political office in order to reward himself heftily at the expense of taxpayers. Clearly it is the only driving factor for some; there is even the suggestion that some MPs could step down for Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka in exchange for a huge sum comparable to the salaries they would have gotten for their tenure.

As lewd and as utterly hypocritical as that may be, the shocking part is how the constituents have reacted to such a proposal. They agree! Make no mistake, to sell off your elective post to ANYONE is sheer prostitution, unconstitutional and undemocratic, whether the electorate that voted you in agrees with you or not.

Surely we do indeed have the leaders that are an exact reflection of ourselves. No wonder this nation cannot grow nor move forward and no wonder our elected leaders will raid and plunder the national coffers because each one of us would do the exact same in that position.

Our Mps, Senators, Governors and County representatives are as devoid of scruples, principles or fundamental character as we are; they are as psychopathic as the person right next to you.
While it has been clear that we do indeed need more psychiatrists in this country, it would be a daunting task to try and treat over 12 million voters for whatever ails their miniscule minds. It’s far easier for the President to simply slash the salaries of these elected officials and cap it off by law such that the money hungry potential prostitutes can forever be deterred from seeking elective office because it would no longer be lucrative.

Maybe then, just maybe, we would have sifted out the myriad psychopaths and find one or two true and genuine employees of the republic and servants of the people. I can only dream of such.

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