Monday, 24 February 2014

African Leaders’ homo-antagonism could be an indicator of mental disorder

This unhealthy obsession that some Africans have with genitalia and sex should be studied. In 2014 alone the number of vocal, verbally abusive, obnoxious and sexually graphic rants by some leaders on the continent led by non-other than H.E. Robert Mugabe himself makes one wonder if gay sex are really a matter of national and continental attention. 

First of all, they routinely speak verbosely about gay SEX. Yes, sex, not necessarily the human rights and privileges as citizens that gay people are entitled to already by law. The pervasive argument thus is that if one engages in SEX in a particular manner then that person should not enjoy constitutional rights. The idea that one’s right to life and freedom is hinged on who he or she has sex with can make any reasonable person’s head spin. But the fact that these leaders proceed to criminalize certain sexual orientations based on this illogical and unlawful preposition is quite simply a sign of severe mental illness.
Now, Robert Mugabe is 90 years old. His utterances could easily be construed to be the onset of senility. But we have much younger leaders spewing the very same sort of hate speech. Let’s be quite honest, there is no way to lawfully prosecute and incarcerate a person based on how they had sex. Where is the evidence, for starters?
So these countries that have chosen to criminalize “gayism” as they call it, have quite simply decided to conduct arbitrary arrests, detention without trial, illegal convictions, beatings and arrests on whomever they choose to do so, so long as they can simply label you “Gay.”
We have reached a point in this continent where it’s now a normal acceptable thing for politicians to get up and discuss publicly the sexual proclivities that they are fantasizing about. Its fantasy based analogies on the sexual exploits of gay people because of course the same people spewing hate speech against homosexuals claim that they are heterosexual. It’s a bizarre claim to make, seeing as nobody doubted or was curious about their sexuality nor was interested.
More revealing though is the underlying clear neurosis that these people have. According to Sigmund Freud “The genital stage” in psychoanalysis describes the final stage of human psychosexual development. Freud proposed that if a child experienced sexual frustration in relation to any psychosexual developmental stage, they would experience anxiety that persists into adulthood as a neurosis, a functional mental disorder. (Wikipedia)
This sort of neurosis is exhibited by frigidity, impotence, unsatisfactory relationships – and I think we should add here the tendency to publicly announce your own narrow minded infatuations with genitals and what grownups do in their bedrooms.
The ability to accept that other people’s sex lives have nothing entirely to do with him surely is not too much to ask from an adult. It isn’t too much to ask that Heads of State focus on state matters and not sex. We aren’t demanding too much by requesting that legislators concern themselves with policy that entrenches constitutional rights and not laws that criminalize sex positions or partnerships.
The truth is, the discussion on gay rights has automatically been sexualized and infantilized by leadership that is quite infantile themselves and sexually immature. It’s insulting to the entire continent by the way, to declare one’s utter lack of sexual maturity as “African”. A person who is so focused on genitalia and fantasizes publicly about sexual positions, partners and exploits is just mentally ill, and that mental illness is not an African Cultural trait.
It’s certainly offensive that pornographic utterances are allowed to be broadcasted as “news” simply because the “Newsmaker” is having a public mental fit. Some go into such graphic details that they even touch their own body parts while making these disgusting statements – surely!
Instead of allowing someone with deeply rooted insanity ascribe his delusions to our culture, why not seek medical help for these people? If “gayism” is unnatural, what then shall we call a person who speaks so profusely about it and in such an explicit manner?  Sub-natural is a word that comes to mind.
Not to be left behind, Maendeleo ya Wanaume held a public protest against gays and lesbians and demanded that the United Nations create an “International Anti-Gay” day. In case you are wondering who these people are, this is the same group of men’s right activists who go by the name “Men Against Women Empowerment” (MAWE) who claimed that men turn to bestial sex because women deny men conjugal rights. Thus, according to MAWE, a man will have sex with a chicken because no woman would sleep with him.  In case, they didn’t know, such an argument does not fly in a court of law. Theirs is the sort of reasoning that demeans and insults all men; that men are bestial to the point that they sleep with animals in the absence of women. It’s truly ironic then, that they find it an acceptable inevitability that a man can have sex with a chicken, but not with another consenting adult.

President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia took it a step further. He described gay people as “vermin, mosquitoes.” In the attempt to dehumanize homosexuals, Jammeh reveals exactly what sort of inhuman leader he truly is. Each time people call for the rights of a minority to be removed, infringed or abused we speak more about the uncivilized nature of the larger society than anything else. If, citizens really want to decide by law what sort of sex should be legal then let us go to a referendum, complete with pictorial guides on what positions we should vote for. That way, the majority of the population can see for themselves exactly what sort of fantasies and infatuations their leadership indulges in at their expense.

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