Friday, 17 May 2013

The Pig Protest That Started A War

I would like to thank the Kenya Police for turning a peaceful, smallish protest that had symbolic pigs into a huge debacle of human rights abuses and state brutality. Without the police, the “Occupy Parliament” movement would not have taken off and evolved into a concern and a hope that each and every citizen can get involved in.

Firstly, an apology, to the large sow and little piglets that unwittingly were used to describe the greedy and wallowing nature of our disgusting members of parliament. We should not have compared the pigs to far more putrid creatures; it was an insult to the animal kingdom. I am glad that their pigs day out was however uneventful and that they took it into their merry stride and happily romped outside parliament until the KSPCA came and collected them after the protest. 

There is much to be said for the “Animal Rights” people who jumped onto an opportunity to gain publicity for themselves – someone else will say it, I am not going to give them any more undeserved attention. Let’s just let the blatant hypocrisy they displayed sink into the minds of the people that they exposed themselves to.

As for the media, I am very proud of the space and time you accorded us, despite your different takes on the events. However, it would be wise to stick to telling the truth when you are a writer for a paper and yet the event was broadcasted; this week 2 lowlife reporters sunk even lower and reported that the sow and some piglets were slaughtered when that clearly was not the case. None of the animals were harmed by anybody, a fact that the police themselves confirmed by stating that “There was NO animal cruelty”.

To our MPigs; you are meant to be our representatives and to represent our interests, our desires our will and our directives. When Aden Duale calls us thieves in order to justify his own thievery he was displaying the level to which his conscience is completely seared. 

The strangest moment was when an irate Duale claims that labeling a pig with his name was haram because he is a Muslim. It does not occur to this man that his constituents are also majority Muslims and that he called them thieves which is also haram! By the way, I understand people from his home county found out about the pig protest and what he had been up to which led to a sow being labeled Duale. That is possibly the source of his bizarre rage and for that I AM GLAD. 

That is the beauty of such an open, creative and symbolic protest – that people at home in the places where these MPigs come from can see for themselves what their leaders are doing in Nairobi. MPigs rely on the fact that the majority of their constituents are clueless as to the goings on of parliament that is why they can make such absurd and offensive demands.

This is where I blame Kenyans; why are you lot so ignorant? Why is it that everything your “Bunge” does passes mustard without so much as a neuron flickering on in your heads? 

Take the mockery of a vetting process that just completed. You mean to tell me that to your minds the ridiculous argument against Phyllis Kandie was even remotely reasonable? So, Phyllis Kandie is not qualified because she is shy but Charity Ngilu is qualified because she is not shy? Look here we don’t expect bashfulness from the madam of a brothel either!

Our MPigs have no depth to their insanity, it is one bottomless abyss in their hearts that can connive, collude and create offensive, illegal plots and schemes with the sole purpose of self enrichment.  Let’s face it, parliament is a RACKET.

Yes a racket, a mob filled with mobsters and racketeers. That’s why the mob will bail for more money – Jude Njomo, MP for Kiambu, going so far as to “THREATEN” to resign if he does not receive a pay hike. That’s how confident he is, that he can feel so useful (I don’t know to who) that he can threaten to resign if he does not have his 1.2 million pay check hiked upwards.

Parliament is a racket, one that is designed to milk the Kenyan government of as much money and resources as possible, and the worst thing about THIS parliament is that it is composed of populist coalitions that will gang together in this sole motherland rape.

Occupy Parliament is a movement that seeks to bring an end to that racket by empowering the people. It’s not just about protesting, but about civic education on the roles and power the people have. You know, it’s a serious day in this hellish Kenya when the man who led the COE is a protestor in Occupy Parliament. Thank you, Professor Yash Pal Ghai, for leading us into the battlefield.

We are at war, dear Kenyans, and the war is for your own hearts and minds. We are striving to wake you up to the hellish reality you are living in and the MPigs are striving to lull you back to sleep while they loot the National coffers. It’s up to you to wake up!

Members of Parliament – you are given honor by us, the people, and you will only become honorable when you honor OUR will, OUR directives, and OUR interests and not your own. Until then you will only be MPigs, a mutated, twisted, perversion of a sub human species.


  1. Thanks Betty. Its time they knew we are watching and will NEVER be silent. As Boniface Mwangi would dare protest alone, so would we, we'd join him and make this our individual affairs. And no baton, no canon and no canister or at worst bullet would cower us because we are US. THE FACE OF KENYA. Its an angry nation of the youth and the old alike.

  2. The Mbig Mpig made the day of perceived thieves. The animal rights group should be deregistered for coming out selectively. What did they do about the mombasa dogs. The struggle continues.