Friday, 10 May 2013

When it’s time to gang up against THEM!

First it was the sniveling MPigs making absurd claims and undeserved hoo-hah about their salaries thus pushing for a disbandment of the Salaries and Remunerations Commission and then our newest electoral excrement; the County Representatives.

Never mind the hope, now blackened, for a new dispensation based on the constitution. This, my dear assaulted and brutally raped Wanjiku, is the reality of our constitution promulgated on 27th August 2010.

I have every reason to be utterly desolate. I have every reason to not only believe in the hijacking of a new dispensation by an old ancient greed and power broking; I have every reason to HATE.
I hate our MPs for doing this. I do, as quite possibly and quietly in the recesses of their miniscule dented and demented minds every single Kenyan HATES them. You hate them too. You know you do.
What really is the point of having such extreme unexpressed emotion towards such deserving fellows if we NEVER do anything about it?
So, On the 14th of May, 2013, A sole singular man has decided to express himself in the only way he understands how, in the only way to he knows to be effective, in a one man’s movement called “Occupy Parliament.”
Occupy parliament is just a drop in the ocean of dissent. When you look at the greater scheme of things, 14th May means utterly nothing. But then we cannot look at the greater scheme without looking at the smaller microcosm.
In the little worlds that Kenyans live in, in the tiniest micro-sphere of existence that defines our societies, there is that knowledge that at some point, our lives MUST change.
This is the reason we voted. 

Or, if you are a lemming, and thus part of the 93% that voted ethnically, then all your hope for change was riddled in 6 piece voting; for that you are GUILTY.
Nevertheless, whomever you voted for, in 6 pieces, should be responsible. I hate the refrain “accept and move on” much more than I hate how Kenyans voted, based on ethnicity.

On that, possibly cold and rainy 14th May Tuesday morning, at Freedom corner where Wangari Maathai and my mothers and grandmothers were shamelessly beaten by a brutal, greedy and oppressive regime, where the blood of our history lies, I will stand up with that one brave Kenyan, and express my innate hate. Hate for corruption, hate for disappointment, hate for the mockery of democracy that our voting has been turned into.
We stood for hours in the hot sun, and voted and all we got are people who want a pay rise before they do anything of value, before they even start working.

This is the biggest travesty of a democracy there ever was. With ABSURD promises from the Jubilee government of free maternal care when a miserable 2300 doctors cater for 40 million Kenyans, to the even more absurd county government dispensation to politicians who have absolutely no idea what the hell their roles are in governance; whether it be senate, parliament or county assembly.

I hate what we did on 27th August 2010. We made it clear that our children and those yet to be born will forever be enslaved in a system that is designed to create “lords” and “serfs”. When you vote you endorse a “Lord” and your lord can demand any sort of payment from his “serfs”. 

Somehow in the last few weeks we tumbled back into 16th century Europe.
We aren’t a republic or a democracy; we are serfdom, filled with willing serfs.
It may, and quite possibly, WILL serve no other purpose other than my own voice being allowed to scream against the tide of hypocrisy and blatant bad governance but you know what, it will FEEL good.
14th May, 2013, will certainly serve a cathartic purpose for many of us who will take advantage of that opportunity to SCREAM at the Status Quo. If nothing else, I will go home, or to prison, empty of my hate.

Less than 1000 politicians have ganged up against the Salaries and Remunerations Commission and against the WILL, DESIRE and DIRECTIVES of the people of Kenya. It’s time we ganged up AGAINST them too. Our grandmothers did it, at Freedom Corner, and now we MUST do so too. See you there, standing shoulder to shoulder, with me, and Boniface Mwangi.

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