Saturday, 8 June 2013

IEBC Officials get exposed by Arithmetic

Mathematics is one of those subjects that you just have to master. You’ve got to be able to count, whether you went to school or not. Looks like our IEBC officials never got the hang of putting two and two together. When officials announced the difficulty they were having reconciling the discrepancy between the presidential election results and the other 5 elections it was clear that mathematics was the problem with IEBC. A difference of 1 million voters between the presidential results and the results of 5 (five) FIVE other elections should tell you the obvious. Maybe, just maybe IEBC people are living in utter denial, even when caught out.

I mean does it take a genius to figure out what happened? Really? Can a difference of 1 million voters even occur in a fairly conducted exercise? Issack Hassan did indeed have the last laugh. Now we are meant to believe that 1 million voters, decided to vote in the presidential elections alone, knowing very well that there were 5 other elections going on at the same time and having received enough voter education to cast 1 million valid votes. It’s a miracle!

Accept it and move on, people. That is the snide refrain we have had drummed into us ever since the mockery of a petition hearing and the joke of a ruling from the Supreme Court. Believe it, in Kenya we have 6 Supreme Court judges and all of them don’t know that all electoral petitions are civil in nature and their clear OBVIOUS mistake was to try and make the petitions against the IEBC results meet a criminal threshold. There in, lies the conspiracy.

When you add it all up, you realize that this was more than just bad math at play. This was something beyond mere electoral irregularities. This was an unfathomable scheme that relied on 1 million ghost voters who all cast valid votes, it counted on a bench of judicial novices who know nothing of the law, it hoped on a constitution that makes it impossible for petitions on presidential results to ever get a fair hearing and it counted on a crushed 50% of voters to actually “peacefully” give up.

Now when I look back at March, and how it was preached over and over, that we must remain peaceful and calm and we must accept the results and we must abide by the decision of the Supreme Court, it all makes sense. How else can you lull people into a coma, other than all media houses chanting peace all day and all night meanwhile 1 million voters sneakily cast their votes in the presidential elections and yet they did not cast their votes in the five other elections.

I don’t know when IEBC officials decided that democracy means decide for the people. What indeed was the point of spending all that money printing ballot papers for 33,000 polling stations and 12 million plus voters if in the end the IEBC can make 1 million voters appear and disappear like magic? 

With a constitutional body like this who needs parliament, seeing as parliament has decided to become the enemy of all constitutional bodies starting with the Salaries and Remunerations Commission. No wonder there is so much voter apathy; when the first social media page announcing “I will never vote in a Kenyan Election” went up, I thought, these sycophants are terrible losers. Now I understand their angst, and it cuts me to the heart.

We lie to ourselves that we are progressively moving forward as a nation, when the truth is, we are simply marking time, marching on the spot. I don’t know why the good lord decided to remove the veil from my own eyes so that I can see what a ridiculous mockery of values we have preached at us all the while the institutions we put up corruptly protect impunity. I don’t know why this veil that covers the eyes of every single citizen who believes in these institutions refuses to also cover my eyes but I wish I could enjoy the bliss of utter ignorance that the “winning” 50% percent enjoy.

I keep saying that the voters don’t win anything in an election, we simply put government into power or rather in the last elections we simply endorsed a farce. Now, I believe that in parliament we do indeed have some very evil characters perhaps so evil as to even consider instigating political violence in order to get their own way. I’d like to believe that of the presidential candidates the one least capable of evil was Mohammed Abduba Dida, even though some may say his initials are telling of his mental state.

But I have to concur, that when IEBC officials, who are sworn to uphold the laws of this country, sworn to remain impartial, and sworn to respect the decisions of the electorate turn around and tell us they cannot reconcile 1 million votes in one election verses five other elections and their results; that is what I consider real evil.  That is evil beyond measure; an evil so cruel as to seek to con 40 million people while engaging them in “democracy”. It’s no wonder that voter apathy is so rife, why line up in the hot sun to be tricked again. I agree with that mentality, I now don’t see the point of voting if 1 million votes can magically appear and disappear. It’s simple math.

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  1. IEBC Chairman, you came to diaspora sometime back in 2012, and addressed us as Kenyans, men...God bless you.